The Three Live Casino Games that Casino Enthusiasts Love

There are a trio of well-known live dealer casino games in most online casino facilities. The web camera feature is only available for money players except in DublinBet, where the live dealers are present even if you are just playing for free. The three casino games that made some waves upon launching as live online casino games with real live croupier are the games of blackjack, baccarat and roulette.

These casino games are already well-known with gaming enthusiasts before they even made a splash as live dealer casino games. With the development of webcam online casino facilities, casino lovers from different parts of the world can always enjoy the games of baccarat, roulette and blackjack without missing the live casino experience. It is appropriate for casino lovers who are already too tired and busy to go to a casino facility. Blackjack is also named as Lucky Twenty-One. The game has evolved in an interesting manner.

It began in the 17th century and is a well-loved casino game. All the controversy about blackjack began when calculations were factored in. The most famous casino strategy is card counting and is used by blackjack players in getting the better of the casino. Counting on the idea of odds, the card counting technique was just keeping track of the cards that are being given by the dealer. Card counting turn out to be a formidable strategy in blackjack that most live casinos restrict players from using the strategy by asking players to leave the casino that keeps using card counting and by using 8 decks of cards.

Card counting will also be ineffective on online blackjack because it also uses multiple decks of cards. The game of baccarat is also named as Punto Banco. The goal in the game is that you have to get a total of 9 with the cards in your hand. The values of the cards differ from blackjack. The court cards are worth 0. If you have the total of more than, the ten number is canceled. So if you received a 10 card and five card, you will only have a total of five.

Baccarat may seem intimidating but it is really an enjoyable game to indulge in. The live dealer roulette is one of the most interesting games among the three. When web casinos first offered online roulette, it is not really a thing to brag about. It is just a typical online casino game. But the addition of webcam transformed the game. With the real time video feed from the actual roulette spin, players playing from their personal computers can feel that they are also part of the action. These are the three casino games that are available via live feed and players will truly enjoy.

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