Sports Betting Recommendations – Part 1


Before you start reading this article the first thing you have to ask yourself is whether you want to bet only to have a good time and watch the games with more excitement or if what you really want is to make a good investment and make money while having fun betting .

If it’s the former, you need not read the article, gamble, enjoy. Only you’re careful to write her bets and only bet amounts do not lack for anything else because it is guaranteed that eventually you’re going to lose everything.

As for the other novice bettors who are interested in making an investment to get a return on your money I’ll give you some advice, some tips are very easy to understand, but only a few bettors, professionals are able to follow, write is easy to observe them strictly is only available to a few.

If you can meet these councils have no doubt that your investment will be safe, depending on your skills and systems you can win or lose a% of your investment as in any business, but I guarantee that no money you are staying.

The tips are very general, we could add more if we talk sports in particular, market rate, if it is a direct ion. But that would take longer to write an entire book.

Here are our recommendations:

– Create a fund solely to bet, this fund will be called Bank.

This bank should be money that you do not lack for anything else, is an essential premise, this money will be put at risk, so never invest money that you might be missing for other things.

– Money Management

It is the key to ensuring the survival chances of your money over time, to discuss this in depth advice you could write another book, but since it is not possible now my recommendation is to never bet more than 3% of Your Bank for every bet, if you follow this advice you will not lose your bank ever, and if you do things right the bank will increase over time.

Here each person can have their own opinion, mine is that, never overdo the barrier of 3% per bet.

– Choose the stake for each bet

The stake is the confidence we have in the bet.

I bet only recommend if you have full confidence (100%) to win the bet, so my stake will always be 100%, the previously mentioned 3% of your bank, but in this respect their opinions of all kinds, and all are valid if you have year-end profits.

– Looking the value of shares

This is one of the most important tips, betting seeking the value of the quotas is to differentiate the fees that are fastened to the no, this may seem subjective, but that is where the skill of bettors, if you have better eye to calculate the odds that the sports book own choosing parties know where we must go and where not.

– Do not do combined

This is a personal recommendation, there may be people who do combinations and do well, but IMHO not a good idea, I recommend betting on single bets only.

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